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Arachemi Pars Company is a producer of cosmetics and health care products and established in order to promote and improve the society health condition and providing the health demands of end users in the field of hair and skin care.  


We work together and think together.


To blossom each of our employees' potentials holistically and inspire each and every one of our customers.


To treat ourselves and our customers with respect and dignity.


To dedicate all our knowledge and efforts to produce high quality products focused on our consumers' needs.

Our Brands

Our Product

The products of this company are trademarks of iPLUS, PRODERMA and SCALPIA, motivated by customer needs. In conjunction with specialized skin and hair care, it has been designed and manufactured, which, in addition to high quality, is a good competitor for products.

    iPlus includes shampoos which are formulated by considering the physiological properties of male and female hairs and skin. Various types of hair styling gel and waxes, deodorants, tanning oils, face wash and moisturizing creams are the other main products of this brand.
Pro Derma
    Specialist skin care products, PRODERMA, include all kinds of creams with different applications that fit physiological skin features, types Sunscreens, moisturizers, anti-wrinkle creams, repair cream, BB and CC creams ... are among the products of this company.
    Professional hair care products, SCALPIA, are formulated according to assessment of physiological properties of customer's hair, So They are very efficient in the field of application. Anti-hair loss shampoo, implanted hair shampoos, hair and body shampoo for people with Psoriasis and Argan oil shampoo are the main products of this brand.


Latest research of Arachemi Company

Our R&D center integrates the activities of research, "development practices" and "market needs". So we try to understand the needs and preferences of our customers where beauty and personal care is concerned. Thanks to this integration between research and marketing, Arachemi Pars Laboratories is able to offer its products that are adapted to different skin types, hair types and cultures.


Arachemi Company

We support local communities by creating job opportunities for individuals and businesses. We are committed to hire individuals from all communities regardless of their gender, ethnicity, social and cultural backgrounds.

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